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Disclaimer / Disclosure
This Site is For Adults Only or Teens with Parental Supervision

I'm sorry to put you through this, but a disclaimer is important for writer and viewer alike - so that we know each other's intentions & expectations.

I hope you will be helped by my treatment experience, but I do not want you to follow my advice blindly.  Just because something has helped me, doesn't mean it is right for you.

This is a "self-help" site by a lay person for other lay persons - like advice you would get from a friend.

I have NO official training, credentials, or licensing in the health care field.

My only qualifications are the experience I have had as a suicidal depression sufferer, and the 15 years experience I have had learning about supplements and using them to treat my depression.

It is relevent to remember that I have "unipolar" depression - that is, depression without the manic side.

I am not against antidepressants or doctors.  I go to the doctor regularly & read the books and newsletters of doctors I trust.

  • Please don't stop taking antidepressants without working with your doctor and talking it over with the people in your life.

A web site should add to, not substitute for realtime health care and support from family or friends.

  • If you need urgent help or counseling, please seek help in your realtime life as I've urged you.
Any advice contained in these pages should not substitute for advice from your physician.  No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this site.
Please Enter Only If You Agree That
Your Health Care Decisions are Your Own Responsibility
and Agree To Hold Site Author Harmless

I agree to & accept the terms of using the information on this site.

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