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Practical Pill Taking


Take Most Vitamins & Minerals With Food.
More detail on individual vitamin pages.


Our Pill Taking Experiences

My husband and I take our pills each in our own way.

He is "Mr. Regular" and I am "Ms. Spuratic."  What does that mean ?

He is a person who does his chores on a regular basis at around the same time every day. Whereas, I am a bit more irregular with my chores.  Yes, taking vitamins is a chore :]

So I try to fasten some of my chores to his timetable.  It has helped me become a little more regular at taking my pills (and other chores).

Most of your pills (not all) need to be taken at mealtimes.

I have to fix my pills in the cup before I eat.  If I forget, sometimes my dinner has to get a little cold while I get some pills ready.  Otherwise, I might not take them at all (and suffer for it later).

If you are like my hubby - he eats his whole meal first and then fixes and swallows his pills after.

I have trouble getting all the pills all the way down unless I eat some food after a swallow of pills.  I take a few pills (with water) and eat a bite or two.  I take a few more pills and eat few more bites, till the pills are all gone.

I usually get them down in the first third of the meal so I can relax and enjoy the rest of it.

If I have to take a couple of pills and it's not meal time - I will still need a bite of some food item to push the pills all the way down - a little carrot, celery, radish, grape, cracker, bread - something with substance to push the pill(s) all the way down.


If you really have trouble swallowing pills, you can buy powders.  Just measure carefully.

Some people actually buy powders to save money.  But until you have some experience, I would not suggest a depressed person do this unless you just cannot swallow pills.

Save your life now, save money later.


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