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No One Likes Taking Pills


"There's no way I'm going to take all those pills !"

"It's not natural."

"We shouldn't have to depend on pills."

"I can't swallow pills."


No One Wants To Take A Bunch of Pills Every Day !

But neither do Diabetics

want to prick themselves with needles everyday.

Like Mary Tyler Moore said about (her) Diabetes,

"You have to become a sort of chemist"...

For some of us, depression is that kind of disorder.


We all have an aversion to taking pills.

It's not natural and it's no fun.

But we have all kinds of pills to look forward to as we age - blood pressure medicine, hormone therapy - It's part of life.


Think of it this way.

If you opened up the vitamin capsules into a little paper cup, you would see that they are sort of "concentrated" food or nutrient powders in the bottom of the cup.

powder - pills

If you were asked to take a protein drink (a powder), it wouldn't be that big of a problem, right ? You just stir some powder into water, juice or milk and theoretically it won't taste too bad.

powder - pills

So if you stirred the opened vitamin capsule powders into a glass of juice or milk, how do you think it would taste ?  In most cases - horrible !!!

powder - pills

The pills and capsules protect us from that horrible taste and give us measured doses - that's all. They are just a way of getting those awful tastes past our palate.

And most important - they are a way for making up for our genetics, our nutrition, stress, and aging.

They can compensate for what nature hasn't given us or what life has taken from us. And they can be used in higher doses as powerful therapeutic agents.

Although vitamins fill your belly, they also fill your heart and mind with the neurochemicals that make life worth living.

They can end the pain and make your life worth saving.


Taking Pills to Live

No One Likes Taking Pills

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