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The if's, and's, or but's of B-Vitamin Taking

Why Can't I Just Say, "Here, Take This !" ?

Because There Are So Many Variables


Nutrients work together.  B Vitamins work together.  Must take SOME of ALL B vitamins or they won't work right.

(Will be adding more info on each vitamin: range, take with food, when to take for
depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, fatigue, sleep etc.)


Take B-vitamins together !  This is very important.  It's not going to harm you directly, but the B-vitamins just don't work right without at least some of all the B-vitamins in the same day, but better at the same time.  And eventually you could create a deficiency.  I have abused this rule because of my sensitive stomach* and faulty digestion but finally realize just how much better I felt when I include them all.
B-1, Thiamine Emotional Stability, Mood
B-2, Riboflavin Brain Energy
B-3, Niacin Mental Health
B-3, Niacinamide Natural Calming, Sense of Humor
B-5, Pantothenic Acid Stress,
B-6, Pyridoxine Emotional Stability, Anti-Suicidal
B-6, P5P B-6 - recommended, but optional Anti-suicidal
Choline Memory, Learning
Folic Acid  
Inositol Calming

What amounts will help you ?  Although I take rather high doses of some of the vitamins, that doesn't mean you need to jump right into that.  Let's hope you don't need as much as I do.

Just these amounts could possibly be enough for some lucky individuals.  Why take more than you need to feel good.  You should notice improvements in a day or so, and more improvements as other nutrients are restored.  B-vitamins are water-soluable and act quickly, while some minerals take more time to build up.  Yet minerals like calcium and magnesium are quick acting for calming your nerves, sleeping.

It would help a lot to get Dr. Larson's book and read the personality / symptom check lists.  This could help you figure out your needs faster.  She is treating real depressed patients in her clinic everyday.

And there are other doctors who use the same kind of treatment concept who have books, web sites, and clinics.  My special clinics page is old and needs updating, but you might find more info there for your locale.

How well will you tolerate supplements ? 
Will you need digestive aids or gut healing ?

*When taking vitamins, it does matter what you eat, when you eat, & how much you eat.

  • My husband has an iron stomach.  He can take lots of pills with just a little food and it doesn't upset his stomach.  He does it every day.
  • Others of us need to eat enough of the right stuff (varies by the individual) to cover the vitamins, coat the tummy, and leave room for the vitamins, and water to take the vitamins.
    • After 4 years on a low carb diet, I figured out that I really must eat some higher carb whole grain item, like bread, or oats, or even the occasionally spagetti from last night's dinner.  For me, eggs and B-vitamins, just don't work well - even a gooey, buttery, cheesey omelet with bread too.  I like eggs, I eat them when I can, but they just don't allow me to get down enough of the B-vitamins I desperately need.  What happens ?  - an aweful kind of sick headache and nausea that is hard to shake.  The day can be ruined.
    • I would like to spare you this kind of day, but the only way you will know is by experience.
    • I can take these B-vitamins any time, with almost no food:  Niacin, Niacinamide, Inositol, B-5, maybe Choline.
    • I have to be very careful with B-1, B-2, B-6, Biotin and PABA
Note ! May have fixed my tummy after all these years with mastic gum - product - Bye-Lori, Life-Enhancement.com

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