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A Necessary Message
from Site Author, Melody Clark

Please remember when viewing my sites that,
I am not a medical doctor, licensed therapist,
or counselor of any kind.

and cannot offer personal counseling via e-mail...

Except on This Site !!

On this site,, I will try to interact with you on your site specific questions.

I need your help in building
an FAQ for this site.

I am looking for those who are going to try the vitamin self-help with doctor-help approach that I am presenting on this site.

  • Help me understand what you don't understand.
  • Tell me what you don't get about what I do for my treatment.
  • Tell me how you feel about what I am saying.
  • And let me know if the supplements are helping you or if they are not !
  • Are you having trouble with digestion, etc.
  • Whatever problems you encounter I would like to know about.
  • Maybe I can help :)

I will try to write back, or send you a copy of a similar Q&A, or a link to the FAQ question I added based on yours or a similar question.

It will be very important to copy the page url, or copy and paste the words off my page(s) that bother you.

I want to help you get on your way as much as I can while helping all those who visit the site.

  • If you need urgent help or counseling, please seek help in your realtime life as I've urged you.
  • A web site should add to, not substitute for realtime health care and support from family or friends.

Again, this is only if you are planning to try vitamins as treatment for your depression.

  • Please don't stop taking antidepressants without working with your doctor and talking it over with the people in your life.

For all other site comments,
here are my other contact pages:

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Thank You.
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