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What Do Vitamins Do For Mental Health ?

Nutritional Supplements Can Save Lives &
Improve the Overall Quality of Life

Vitamins Can Treat The Real Biochemical Causes of Depression

Doctors have been treating serious mental health problems with nutritional supplements for more than 50 years.  While lobotomies and shock treatments were going on, so were many doctors realizing just how powerful food and food supplements were to mental health, even schizophrenia.

Vitamins can compensate for our genetics, our nutrition, stress, aging, and even help get over a bad, sad or traumatic childhood.

They can compensate for what nature hasn't given us or what life has taken from us.  And they can be used in higher doses as powerful therapeutic agents.

Supplements can improve mental function, intelligence & memory.

Supplements can prevent suicide by treating & preventing many mental illnesses including

  • many types of depression
  • mood & personality disorders
  • anxiety, OCD, ADD etc.
  • addictions, alcoholism
  • even schizophrenia

Supplements can reduce stress, decrease anger and literally prevent homicides by decreasing domestic violence

  • violent & aggressive behavior, irritability, unreasonable behavior, moodiness, hostility & general bad temperaments

To me, it is a miracle that doctors & scentists have discovered and/or created chemicals that are exactly like or similar to the chemicals our body uses

  • to create every thought and emotion
  • to operate every body system
  • and are the very chemicals that we need and get from foods.

Last but not least, once our depression is under vitamin control, we will be glad to know that the same supplements that help us with happiness, can help us live longer by reversing & preventing many major health problems. Supplements can help:

  • prevent heart attacks
  • strengthen arteries
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower cholesterol
  • decrease our appetites for so many sweets
  • treat & prevent diabetes
  • prevent some cancers
  • and actually help us survive the damage of surgery and chemotherapy better if we should get a cancer.

When we are young and not sick and things are going well in life (or even if they are not), we can take so much about our health and mental health for granted.

We are not used to the idea of being responsible for our health or how we feel emotionally.

Everyone thinks it's a matter of will or choice or mental strength - but even those are based on the structure of our brains and our biochemical make up.

The truth is, as we are discovering more and more today, whether we want it or not, with good information, we really do have a tremendous amount of control over our health and mental health.

With a few changes here and there we can have more balanced moods, energy, thoughts, emotions, behaviors & relationships - the stuff that makes life worthwhile.

And after all, what is life but how we f-e-e-l going through it ?

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