A Self-Help Treatment Manual
Treat Depression - Have a Life



Vitamins vs. Suicidal Thoughts:

Are they up to the challenge ?

For me, the answer is YES ! If we are talking about intelligently used, theraputic dosages of nutritional supplements... Absolutely, YES !

What do Vitamins* do for me ?   They completely eliminate my SEVERE, chronic, endogenous suicidal depression.  As a bonus, they cause added personality improvements and benefits that make getting along with other humans better !

Watch and Learn as I Build
"My Self-Help Treatment Manual"

I will show you what I take, and what I've learned from 15 years' experience.

My depression was devastatingly severe.  It took me a while to learn how to help myself with this kind of treatment.  Once I got it right, I no longer wanted to die.

My life stay here on earth was for the first time, voluntary... and still is today.

Now, even through the normal rough times of life, I am glad to be living and feel grateful for my life.

I want this wonderful and profound freedom and relief for you too.

Don't let untreated depression be your death sentence.

Learning to adjust your own emotional chemistry, you will see your life and your world from a whole new perspective.

You will start to believe in living once again.

It can work pretty fast once you get started.  Please don't give up.

Melody Clark


*I often use "vitamins" as a generic term meaning "vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutritional supplements."  I use very few herbs and they are not a big part of my treatment.


I need everyone to read my disclaimer:




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