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Using nutritional supplements is second nature for me now.

I couldn't possibly survive life without them.

I have learned to use them like ingredients in a recipe.

Just as each spice adds its own flavor yet blends with the others to make a new taste,

Each nutrient imparts one or more predominant mood and/or characteristic yet blends with the others to make a better whole person with a more reasonable personality.

Each nutrient, in its own way improves how we think and feel, act and react.

With the right mix, painful depression and suicidal thoughts are literally turned off, mood and temperment improved, attitude adjusted, sense of humor enabled, fight or flight responses toned down.

Our bodies are made out of these chemicals. Our bodies sort through every bite of food we eat looking for the individual nutrients in a stomach full of food.

They are an integral part of every organ and body part, every bodily function, all cellular activity, every thought and feeling.

With experience, you can create, enhance or hold onto more desirable personality traits and behavioral characteristics.

It's not an exact science, but with experience you will find more of the best part of yourself coming through, and less and less of the reactions and emotions that make you unhappy and feel bad about yourself.

You will start to see that anger is big cause of much unhappiness.  How we get along with other people in our lives has a lot to do with keeping our depression in check. 

Our sudden angers surprise us in the heat of the moment and we lose control of our feelings and behavior.  Our random emotions betray our true selves and those we love. 

Nutrients can free us and give us the power to stop being so hurt and so angry.

Soon, with the right amount of supplements for your chemistry, you will be able to depend on a better mood and a better outlook.

When anger does not always over-ride our reason, we can learn to be more understanding of ourselves and others.  Love and forgiveness, and even some happiness and hope can return to our lives.

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