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Some Common Vitamin Deficiencies
in Depressed Patients


Nutritional Influences on Mental Illness, A sourcebook of clinical research
(1999, 2nd Edition), Melvin R. Werbach, M.D.


Or Get it directly from the publisher

Third Line Press for around $59.95

Dr. Werbach presents abstracts on clinical research and studies - below are "quotes" from some of the abstracts in the chapter on Depression, Pages 221-273.

Although the Dr. Werbach emphasizes in the introduction, that his book is not "a treatment manual," it was one of my favorite books (the first edition, 1991) kept by my bedside while I was still learning and experimenting, and helped me through some very, very suicidal times.

Reading through this book instead of plotting my death, I could see possible areas of improvement that gave me hope worth staying alive 'til the next day.

This book is a bit technical, and it doesn't give dosages, but you can get something more out of it each time you go back to it.  It truly is a book of hope.

Depressed patients are commonly deficient
in one or more of the following:

B-1, Thiamine

  • "Depression and irritability are common in thiamine deficiency." - pg 233

B-2, Riboflavin

  • "Deficiency may cause depression" - pg 232
  • "Supplementation may be associated with improvement in mood" - pg 233

B-3, Niacin

  • "Depression is one of the possible psychiatric manifestations of niacin deficiency" - pg 231
  • "Supplementation may be beneficial" - pg 231

B-5, Pantothenic Acid

  • "Deficiency may cause emotional liability and irritability"

B-6, Pyridoxine

  • "Deficiency may cause depression" - pg 235


  • "Deficiency may cause depression" - pg 236

Folic Acid

  • "Frequently low in depressed patients" - pg 226

In this 51-Page Chapter on Depression, there are similar entries for Biotin, Inositol, Choline, Vitamin A, Beta Caroten, Vitamin C, Zinc, and many other nutrients which I will report on later.

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